To continuously improve lives by offering relevant quality educational qualifications and consultancy to the learning community.


To be a center of excellence in professional development and consultancy in the region and beyond.

Core Values
The college is guided by the following core values:

  • Makini College pursues the highest level of Integrity in all that we do to ensure that we foster a culture of transparency as an institution and also as a community.
  • Makini College is committed to pursue excellence not only as an institution but also to inspire this in the people who interact with Makini College.
  • Makini College encourages teamwork as we believe that it a job worth doing is worth doing together as a team.
  • Makini always encourages and upholds the highest level of professionalism in all the activities that it carries out.
  • Makini strongly appreciates and encourages creation and innovation and goes ahead to achieve this by providing quality and relevant education that acts as a helping hand in accomplishing this value.
  • Makini College promotes good governance amongst our employees and also when dealing with the public and this is achieved by ensuring that we remain accountable, responsible, fair and transparent in all the activities we do.